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Welcome to COASCO

The Co-operative Audit and Supervision Corporation (COASCO) were legally established in 1982 by on Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1982. Its primary function was to provide audit, supervision and other consultancy services to Co-operatives in Tanzania. The Act was amended by the Parliament in April 2005 and assented by the President of The United Republic of Tanzania on 6th June, 2005 to empower the corporation to extent its audit and Consultancy services as well to non-Cooperative entities.

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    Our Services

    • Audit of financial statements
    • Conducting Investigations
    • Provide consultancy services
    • Conducting on job training

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    Our Clients

    • Cooperatives
    • NGO's
    • Public Coorporation
    • Financial Institutions and Banks
    • Other Companies

    Audit & Consultancy Services

    • Audit Services to non Cooperative clients
    • Audit Service to Cooperatives
    • Consultancy Services