Services Offered By Corporation

The mandated functions of the Corporation as provided for under Sec 4 of its enabling Act, legally empower COASCO to provide the following services to different clients:

  • i. Audit of financial statements to different clients
  • ii. Conducting Investigations to clients
  • iii. Provide tax and management consultancy services to clients
  • iv. Conducting on job/practical training to cooperative societies on maintenance of books of accounts and preparation of financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • v. Providing accountancy work service to clients including converting the financial statements into IFRs
  • vi. Training on IPSAs and IFRSs
  • vii. Training on ISAs and on job training on cooperative audit
  • viii. Conducting on job training to clients on internal audit
  • ix. Conduct research on the performance of cooperatives and advise the government accordingly